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Subject:  Re: Zimmerman: Judge jumps shark Date:  7/11/2013  3:58 PM
Author:  MotleyFooley Number:  121291 of 164795

MotleyFooley: "While Martin was walking down the street with Skittles and Iced Tea in hand, he was clearly not interested in that moment to use any kind of street fighting skills he may or may not have had."

Brooklyn1948: "And how would YOU know that? "

You know, you're right. I totally forgot that the first thing they teach you on your first day of street fighting school is to go to the pantry and pick up your designated bag of Skittles and some Iced Tea in order to be fully prepared for epic battle. Gives "Taste the Rainbow" a whole new meaning.

I think I've even seen that on a couple of televised MMA fights too. The buff fighters walk into the ring accompanied by trainers and sparring partners and loud, raucous music, fistfulls of Skittle bags and Iced Teas in their thinly-gloved hands raised high above their shaved heads in advance of their coming triumph! Or maybe those were M&Ms and Lemonade -- Skittles and Iced Tea are so Fight Club-ish and unprofessional.

Either way, everyone knows that a good street fighter is completely useless without a bag of Skittles or similar candy. Since Martin had some Skittles, it's clear to everyone Martin was totally ready for an epic battle to the death! If Zimmerman had known the immense power that Skittles provide to the trained street fighter, I bet he would have just stayed in his car like the police asked him to instead of tangling with that Skittles-wielding killing machine.

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