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Subject:  Re: Steyn! Date:  7/11/2013  8:16 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  688624 of 876031

One assumes to the point of incomprehensible and unsupportable arrogance that the use of multisyllabic language necessarily equates to highbrow esoteric communication; thereby, concluding in a most ignorant and erroneous manner, that the dissenter somehow lacks the requisite erudition to presume to reply to the contrary. Engendering withering ex parte communication from said arrogance that is tantamount to indefensible conclusions based on an abysmal absence of any empirical data.

In other words...I call bulls...

I think you can be FOS in long word or short words.

I think complaining someone is FOS based on verbiage rather than content is silly

The poster being guided to the dump, likely showed a propensity for preferring FOS in both short form and the more erudite edition.

I have never found Steyn to be remotely guilty of covering lack of content with multi-sylabic flatulence. Certainly one can disagree with him, but that he is covering nothing to say or that his positions are not well thought out and hidden by confusing rhetoric is absurd.

In other words I call BS, and these type of claims against Steyn are akin to thinking Obama actually has something intelligent to say.
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