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Subject:  Re: Proposal to end public pensions Date:  7/12/2013  10:51 AM
Author:  jerryab Number:  428569 of 537035

Why "last resort"? Our government doesn't seem to be shy about the so-called 'Quantitative Easing" (schnortle for 'printing money') at all... so why do you say 'last resort' as though its a bad thing?

Because the govt is trying to end it--and it is the TBTF banks that are swooning over the proposed ending.

Flip that quandary upside down; Too much work, not enough humans.

Because there exists no such quandary. There is insufficient work available for the number of people who are able to work--otherwise, they would be able to find jobs. The jobs do not exist--period.

The answer is; Its not the economy, its the population size... and society *IS* dealing with it... we're breeding less & less.

Nice contradiction. Relatively fewer people--yet the population keeps going up. The problem remains productivity--because fewer and fewer people are needed to provide the full range of goods and services needed by the entire population.
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