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Subject:  Re: We have accepted an offer on our home Date:  7/12/2013  11:20 AM
Author:  CCinOC Number:  125754 of 128238

This is considerably different from my last experience.

One Year Later: Consequences of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 [a/k/a Dodd-Frank Act]

The Dodd-Frank Act was signed into law by President Obama on July 21, 2010. Dodd-Frank saddles American business with hundreds of new job-crushing regulations. Spencer Bachus & fellow Republicans warned
against the devastating effects of Dodd-Frank. The one-year anniversary of Dodd-Frank’s enactment seems an appropriate occasion for evaluating the competing claims of the law’s proponents and opponents. The economy’s continued sluggishness – characterized by elevated unemployment levels and constrained credit conditions – calls into serious question the claims made by Democrats that Dodd-Frank would increase entrepreneurial activity and investment, trigger robust economic growth, and increase average Americans’ economic security.

Indeed, the opposite appears to be the case. A pervasive climate of uncertainty about government policies is leading to fewer opportunities and less economic security for American families.