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Subject:  Re: Poll: When should abortion be legal/banned Date:  7/12/2013  12:48 PM
Author:  nigelwhalmsley Number:  1888646 of 2207082

[ You've added a few qualifiers, and I appreciate that. ]

"The qualifiers are not new. My first post with an opinion above I stated that everyone has choice."

The qualifiers I am referring to are when you said "I don't suggest that the mother must sacrifice her rights, only that there is a timer by which she must execute them or give up such right to the unborn (assuming healthy mom and baby)." The timer and the assumption of a healthy mom and baby is a big one. I don't know the stats, but I would guess that most late term abortions are related to a health issue. But your initial statement really is not true - you are indeed suggesting that the woman involved have her rights taken away if she violates the 'timer' (which we all understand is very difficult to define).

"Later I stated that I was pro-choice and pro-life. I would think that I have been clear that I support choice. Perhaps not."

Not sure how you can be both, but I suspect you didn't mean to say that. I also obviously support choice. To me, I still see no reason to cede this to government. This is personal, difficult, and should be left to the woman involved, her doctor, and her partner.

"If it was easy, there would be no discussion. Most things worth doing are not easy, and often it takes a few mistakes before we get it right."

I agree, this is a very complex and difficult subject. The "right" thing is sometimes hard. But what is "right' to put to into law is often very different than what is "right" to an individual person or persons. Law should only consist of what we all (or most) agree with as common values. That is the nature of democracy. Anything that does not meet that definition should not be forced on the populace.
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