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Subject:  Re: Proposal to end public pensions Date:  7/13/2013  12:24 PM
Author:  jerryab Number:  428677 of 538773

You're saying that because the government is trying to end it, THAT is why you claim is is the last resort for spending? The logic doesn't flow.

No, the govt is trying to end it because having so much of the economy (financial markets) dependent on govt handouts is a contradiction. The govt wants to shed the cost of supporting TBTF banks and their massive profits. Cutting them off at the wallet is a good idea. The bankers need to start doing their jobs and get off welfare (Clinton II).

People *ARE* needed in the areas where humans outdeliver automation; *THINKING* jobs.

Nice contradiction. Why are so many people in the "thinking" jobs category unemployed? Because there are not enough jobs for them. As one person's posting name was so appropriate: surplusscientist. There are lots and lots of "surplus" science personnel--there are no jobs for them.

Technology is liberating humanity to higher levels of intellect, creativity, and productivity.

True. It creates massive amounts of free time to NOT work for many people.

Those who are able to create great value to society with their intellect will flourish (far more than in any prior age.)

Define "great value"....
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