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Subject:  Re: Question for TMFPMarti Date:  7/16/2013  12:24 AM
Author:  Radish Number:  689063 of 875558


I must say personally, I can not think of a manner of voter fraud that could possibly be less effective or more costly.

Well, vote-buying is certainly going on. There have even been convictions of people involved in buying votes, even though efforts to enforce the laws are pretty much minimal.

As far as who is casting the vote? Well it took as much effort if you demand the same proof to get an absentee ballot as in person, so it is just a different day. If you sell your vote in person or on-line doesn't seem like more than a distinction without a difference to me so it is really pretty close to identical IMO

We'll just have to disagree on this one, apparently. It seems to me that buying up a whole stack of hundreds or thousands of absentee ballots, then filling them out at your leisure and mailing them in, is a heck of a lot easier than trying to buy the votes of people voting at the voting booths. (There are certainly lots of people willing to sell their votes for small dollar amounts, we know that from the convictions.) With the voting-booth votes, you can't be sure the people are voting the way you want unless either (a) you have your own person vote in their place (hence the call for voter-ID laws) or (b) they take a video of the entire process, and then you'd have to review all the videos. And of course it's illegal to make a video of yourself voting, so each of the hundreds or thousands of people you're buying votes from would have to make their videos in some way that isn't obvious.

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