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Subject:  Re: Is not the time to Sell High? Date:  7/18/2013  3:46 PM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  72668 of 78168

OK Angel you have asked the key question to pry out the current details. No I do not currently have all my investments in a single fund. I have had so in the past, excepting "cash".

For the last 62 months my funds have been with an advisor who I 'fired' on July 8th. I am not a person to jump around seeking max return, so I felt it only fair to give the advisor a decent amount of time. I am in process of moving my funds from my current broker to Vanguard. (It is not possible for me to purchase VWENX through my current broker.) As you might expect selling assets that have appreciated has tax consequences, so it will take some time to get fully into Wellington but within the next 30 days I will be over 40% in Wellington. I certainly will not have more than five other funds.

I keep my "cash" money in a local bank. I am 71, so I am taking Social Security and making annual withdrawals from my tax sheltered account. The amount of funds in the local bank is held between 1.5 and 2.5 times our actual trailing 12 months spending less Social Security and IRA amounts.

Today I am very happy with 70% equities - or more correctly, I don't want traditional bond investments. In other times I might prefer to be 60/40. I will move to that range by re-investing cash thrown off by investments. We do not re-invest cash. We re-invest or transfer accumulated cash to our local bank quarterly.


Thanks so much for sharing, Gordon.
After reading your earlier post, I decided to go check on my own portfolio. I already knew what I had, but I wanted to take a second good look.

I have a large amount in VWIAX (I hold this fund in both my regular account and in my IRA).
In addition to that one, I have VPMCX in my regular account and one dividend paying stock in my regular account.

In my IRA, in addition to VWIAX, I have recently added VHCOX (since it has been re-opened to new investors for a limited time) but I only added a small amount of money to just get a toe-hold into this fund. I will decide later whether to add more or not.

Also in my IRA I'm holding VDC and VDE (my two ETFs) and my only individual stock in the IRA, AAPL.

I'm considering swapping my holdings in VWIAX in the IRA