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Subject:  Re: Lower Health Premiums in NY Date:  7/19/2013  5:20 PM
Author:  rharmelink Number:  18500 of 20632

You think people with neuro-degeneritive conditions, most cancers, type I diabetes--none of which are caused by sins of commission or omission on the part of the stricken--should have sky-high insurance premiums and their families lose everything else in addition to their loved ones?

Which is why I added the "CHOOSE to live a high risk lifestyle." People need to pay for those choices.

HOWEVER. I don't think costly pre-existing conditions should be covered by normal insurance. They should be placed into a high risk plan of some type. Paid for by EVERYONE instead of putting the burden on a smaller group of fellow policy holders.

Otherwise, the cost of the plan to each policy holder will depend primarily on how many of those with pre-existing conditions join the plan. There's no way for insurance companies to set the price that way, unless they charge huge premiums up front and give rebates after the policy year plays out...

Because collected premiums DO need to cover outgoing expenses, even for a non-profit.

PS: I have numerous pre-existing conditions and would be in the high risk group. I also do not make good lifestyle choices.
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