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Subject:  Re: Detroit files for bankruptcy Date:  7/19/2013  8:19 PM
Author:  just1trader Number:  35026 of 35930

Investing in junk bonds is not an answer for the widows.


Why do you imply that ‘widows’ need to be protected from certain types of asset-class risks (and, therefore, excluded from their concomitant asset-class rewards) , but not ‘widowers’? Are you saying that single females whose husbands have died are less capable of supporting themselves than once-married males whose wife has died? Single or married, divorced or never-married, every adult has the responsible to support him or herself. That can include learning how to invest, but needn’t do so, because investing/trading are merely one of the many choices by which a person can make living.

Secondly, retiring’ isn’t a right that society needs to provide to anyone. It’s an earned privilege. Them that don’t save enough surplus income in their working years will never be able to stop working. For them that truly are incapable of earning a modest, basic living there are beaucoup social safety nets. I’ve been the beneficiary of them more than once due to economic displacements. So, I’ve lived on that side of the tracks, too. But this is a rich, rich country that overflows with opportunities to find work. It’s work most consider beneath their aspired social class. So they refuse to do it, preferring to wallow in self-pity, envying “the rich” and whining about “social (in)justice”. But blue-collar wages spend just as well