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Subject:  Re: Mesa cemetary Date:  7/29/2013  1:44 PM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  50923 of 116930

Eventually something gets everybody.

Well, that's certainly true for everyone we know of who was born at least 100+ year ago or so. It seems like a pretty safe bet that people will continue to die at some point.

100 years from now it won't matter how long any of us lived.

Yes and no. There are certainly examples of some people who have had an impact on the lives of others on earth for over a century - some for thousands of years. But, in general, this is probably true for most of us. On the other hand, we all have a chance to make the world better for someone today . . . and probably tomorrow. That seems like a worthy goal to many.

We live as long as we live.

Yes, we do.

Besides which time is an illusion anyway.

I have no idea what that means or why it would be important.

We will all just be footnotes in the history of mankind.

Probably not even that. But why would that bother me or anyone else? My timeline is focused more on lunch today. I'm thinking I may need to go to the grocery store so that I can make a decent salad to go with the salmon I intend to grill. Longer term, while I'm out, I could look for a polka-dot T-shirt for SGSpouse because she mentioned that she earns points at the gym she goes to every morning for wearing certain kinds of gym wear and she doesn't have a polka-dot T-shirt for one of the days this week. It's silly financially to spend money on a T-shirt in order to get points that are probably not worth 1/10th of the cost of the shirt, but it might make her happy for a few minutes. That's worth it. Longer term still, I heard a joke yesterday that I know will make my father laugh. I wrote it down and placed it next to the phone so I remember to tell it to him when we talk tomorrow. I have trouble remembering jokes I hear, but Dad always remembers them and tells them over and over again.

That might not fill my week, but it will be a good start. I'll try to come up with more worthy goals as I go.

I guess my really long-term goals include some trips I will take with SGSpouse later this year. But I'm not really planning on anything so grandiose as trying to be a footnote in the history of mankind.
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