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Subject:  Re: Gang of Feral Cats Attacks Woman, Dog in Fra Date:  7/30/2013  3:00 AM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  50929 of 116889

Okay, another cat/dog story.

About 18 years ago we got a black lab puppy, Bubba, and not too long after that, a number of kittens. We were living in Iowa at the time. One of the kittens was also black, Bobo, and he and Bubba seemed to bond immediately. We would often see them curled together and sleeping in the sun.

In Iowa, we lived in a rural area and our cats lived outside and had access to a sun porch via a cat door. Bubba lived outside as well except for in the evenings when he can inside to sleep at the foot of the bed.

When we moved to Mesa, we converted Bobo to an indoor cat while Bubba continued to live outside during the day and inside at night. Bubba and Bobo would often curl up on either side of our patio door separated by only the glass. They would also sometimes stare at each other through the window.

Then Bubba died.

Bobo started acting differently. First we noticed that he didn't come around and sit in our laps very often. Then he started losing hair and forming bald spots. He looked terrible and was very reclusive and skiddish. He seemed to be hiding in concealed places where he never used to spend time. We actually had trouble finding him on more than one occasion. Eventually his skin became irritated and formed scabs all over his body. We tried various remedies and diet supplements. We searched for some irritant or material that might have been newly introduced to the house. We tried spraying pheromones that were supposed to comfort him wherever he hung out. The vet could not find anything either and suggested that cats are often very sensitive to changes in their environment. We had actually discussed how we might deal with Bobo and what might happen if he died while we were traveling.

Then we acquired Wilber the Wonder dog - a rescue dog from the pound. Wilber is also black. He is much smaller than Bubba and I suspect has some pit bull (ie Terrier) in him although the pound told SGSpouse he was a lab mix. Over time, Bobo has begun to hang around the patio door again staring at Wilber. He always comes to the door when I go out in the evening to bring Wilber in and the two seem to enjoy sticking their noses into each other and sniffing at that time. Bobo's scabs have disappeared and so have his bald spots. He has once again started to jump into our laps from time to time expecting attention. In fact, I've had to deal with his demands for attention several times while typing this post.

It seems very bizarre to me, but I really have no other explanation for Bobo's behavior and illness than that he missed Bubba, and no other explanation for his recovery than that he is comforted by Wilber.
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