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Subject:  Re: update Date:  8/8/2013  5:16 AM
Author:  NoIDAtAll Number:  307174 of 309666

It needs a new compressor for the a/c, but that's not happening any time soon.

Maybe you will get lucky like I did, Ishtar, and find a decent mechanic to replace the compressor for you with a sound used one for $150, including evacuating and recharging the system. I thought he did quite a bit, and did a good job, so I paid him an extra $50, and added his phone number to my list of contacts on my cell phone. I would have liked the serpentine (and timing) belts replaced while he was at it, but he said there weren't any cracks in the serpentine belt on the car, and it has a non-interference type engine, so no major engine damage will result if the timing belt should break, again - If the timing belt should break, it will cost me a tow, but, if it breaks here, I know where to have it towed - Othe