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Subject:  Re: MyFico Bait and Switch! Date:  8/15/2013  2:41 PM
Author:  joelcorley Number:  307188 of 312188


kook79 wrote, I signed up for the 10 day free tiral from MyFico and noticed that they then billed me for the service. I called to have it cancelled and reimbursed and they said that they cannot cancel it until a three month minimum has been met! $14.95 per month for three months! So much for "Free Trial"


To which you replied, It won't hurt to try and call again. Be very firm that it is within the 10 day cancellation period. Their website clearly states that if not cancelled within the free trial period it will continue for a minimum of three months. You are within the cancellation period.

Actually kook79 does not explicitly state WHEN they billed him or HOW LONG it's actually been since he signed up. He only states that he signed up for the 10 day free tiral(sic) from MyFico and then noticed they billed him for the service.

If he had stated a date, I would agree with everyone's advice. But unless he signed up on or after 08/06/13, myFico might be in the right... We just don't have all the facts.

Of course I'd still file a dispute with the credit card company. Maybe they could resolve it in his favor. Or maybe not. Depends on the facts, the credit card company and whether myFico has been abusing its customers.

BTW, I don't know why anyone would trust any more than These are guys who's primary business is to sell a product that purports to provide information about consumers like you to businesses. To them, consumers are the product. They sell to us as just another attempt to squeeze more profit from our personal information. They don't care if we ever buy from them again. In fact, they're expecting that (on average) we won't.

And FWIW, I signed up for the free trial of years ago. Getting it cancelled was a huge PITA. They must have kept me on the phone for nearly an hour, putting me on hold and transferring me around, trying to convince me I didn't want to (or maybe it was that I couldn't) cancel. It was a long time ago; but I think I may have eventually sent them a certified letter because I didn't get a warm-fuzzy feeling from the call. (After that, I think there was a class action filed against them...)

- Joel
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