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Subject:  Re: Friggin frfignrfg GAH! Date:  8/20/2013  11:12 PM
Author:  Colovion Number:  693433 of 794423

poor colovion......ugh! it would drive me crazy dealing with them but you learn quick to CYA by making master copies of everything and tucking it a way in a file for easy retrieval and proof. :)

There's only one problem with that: FOIA. We don't want copies of everything because A. by law there are retention schedules for everything so the more we create the more we have to destroy (and track to destroy) plus B. If we get a FOIA for something we shouldn't have but do have then we're hosed. I don't keep ANY copies of anything that is part of a police report on my hard drive for this very reason. So, instead, I had to turn a couple hundred pages of documents into PDF files and put them on a CD. Less than 20 MB on a CD that can hold 700 MB, and I had to make two additional copies of it. We don't handle a ton of cases but we're up to 2400 or so for the year. If you start having to do this kind of thing as a matter of course it quickly can consume vast quantities of time better spent elsewhere.

For instance I have building managers hopping mad at me already because they still have abandoned bikes in their racks that I hav