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Subject:  Re: Roth 401K-brokers that allow individual stoc Date:  8/21/2013  10:40 AM
Author:  ramair4 Number:  25119 of 26142

Here's the MF article I mentioned previously:

I read an article about investing vs. gambling on Investopedia a while back so I could provide a reasonable answer to those, like my mom, who might say putting money into the stock market is the same as gambling. The short version is that when you invest you are providing companies with more working capital to increase production, expand, hire more people, etc... Something is actually produced with your money. With gambling, a ton of people give money to a "pot" and a lot more lose than win. The losers end up with nothing.

No matter how much experience you have in investing, you are still guessing. It's a gamble. For, let's say Warren Buffet, it's an educated guess but it is still a guess. A gamble. You don't hear that much about how much he loses. You mostly hear when he gains. When he gains, he gains big but when he loses, it's big too.

I knew I was buying at a fairly high price on both but too many people try to wait until the market is down and never do anything. I waited for 12 years, trusting a broker's experience to increase my money. It never happened. I might not make all the right decisions at first and some of my methods might seem crude but I have help from the One who leads us and guides us into all understanding.

I did a fair amount of reasearch before I decided on Tesla and Amazon. The final ok to go ahead to buy came from our all knowing God. Can't get any better than that for some inside info.

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