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Subject:  Re: Renouncing citizenship for tax purposes Date:  8/23/2013  4:23 AM
Author:  saunafool Number:  119064 of 124655

I'm fine with people renouncing US citizenship to avoid US taxes. However, I want them banned from ever setting foot on US soil again. Seems a fair trade-off.

Maybe it would help to understand why Americans live overseas and what kind of situation the tax laws put them into.

I am American and I live in Europe, and I've been living in Europe for 6 years. I basically consider myself to be living abroad indefinitely.

Why do I live here? Because my wife is French and I saw an opportunity to build a business selling American-made product to oil refineries (which is what I did in the U.S. before moving). Basically, I was working for a small company selling a niche product in the U.S. and having a great deal of success. The manufacturer of the product (a Fortune 500 company) was completely unable to sell it in Europe--i.e. sales of $0. They asked if we would be interested, so I agreed to start a new company to sell the product over here. Now, we are very successful in Europe, which has created manufacturing jobs in the U.S. and a couple of sales jobs in Europe.

Most of the Americans I've met who live "permanently" in Europe are here for similar reasons--marriage or they started a business over here. Sure, there are some ultra-rich people who hide out in Switzerland. I've never met them.

Now, for the tax burden. First, you should be aware that we need to pay taxes in the country where we work. These taxe