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Subject:  Cap One CC Fraud Experience Date:  8/26/2013  1:38 PM
Author:  progmtl Number:  307232 of 312189

Here's a quick note on my recent experience with credit card fraud, in case anyone wants to compare companies or experiences.

We (wife and I) have a Capital One CC that we use for all regular purchases due to the cash back. I received a call last week from a Capital One agent saying they suspected fraudulent activity on my card. After she listed a couple of small charges that didn't sound valid to me, I agreed that it sounded like the card had been compromised. They immediate issued a new card number and made the old number invalid. They assured us that we would not be responsible for any fraudulent charges.

Later in the same day, I checked my account online and found 18 fraudulent charges totaling over $4000! I called the fraud department to report all of the additional charges. I got through to a representative quickly and started detailing the fraudulent charges. After listing a few, I was told I would be transferred to a specialist to go over them all in more detail. I did have to go over the charges I had already listed again, which was inefficient. Also, the specialist seemed to want to wrap up the call quickly and I kept having to say "wait, there are more charges!".

After that call, I was fairly sure that some adjustments would be made to the account but that they would not get them all correct. I waited two days and called again. Again I got right to a representative, and again I had to list a few charges, then get transferred and go over them again. This time, the specialist seemed more on-the-ball and I felt that I had cleared up all the remaining fraudulent charges, as well as one charge which they had reimbursed me for which was NOT fraudulent.

It is now a couple days later and all charges reimbursed now appear to be accurately reflected. This was all completed before the statement closing date, so there is no confusion over how much to pay or whether I might get dinged for any interest (I pay in full each month).

As a followup, I was asked to complete an online form categorizing each charge in question as fraudulent or not. It was fairly quick and simple.

Overall, I would say:
- Capital One did a good job in detecting the fraud.
- Capital One employees were generally pleasant and reassuring about my not being held responsible for the fraudulent charges.
- The process of reporting the charges over the phone was a bit clumsy - needing to repeat things multiple times (and took 2 phone calls to get it right).
- Things seem to have been resolved correctly and quickly.

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