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Subject:  Re: Ford Fusion Output Boost Date:  8/28/2013  9:57 PM
Author:  TMFBreakerRob Number:  17757 of 18388

I am just a little confused at the lack of timing references in this rather vague concern for sales.... The bulk of the "press" if you can call it that, on "Fusion Shortage" (if you can call it that) carries few referents to just how short (fast turnover cited) or how urgent this whole thing might be. Then there is the lack of schedule references in the articles. Is Flatrock producing Fusions NOW? Next week? Next Month? Will they fill the gap, presuming there really is one, or simply pick up the pace for anticipated demand through the end of model year 2013? Or will they dribble out Fusions as needed avoiding overcapcity and tuning up for model year 2014, which comes pretty soon I think? -- SkepikI

Yeah, I'd like details too, but haven't seen specifics on Job#1 at Flat Rock and how fast they'll ramp up. As to the model year question, 2013 production is pretty much over and done by now and you can bet your bacon-wrapped Fiesta ( ) that the Flat Rock plant will start with 2014 models. Why? Because.... by traditional timing, Job#1 for a regular model year starts around the beginning of August. Perhaps as late as September, but that's less likely. It wouldn't make sense to make 2013s, just to turn around and have to re-launch with 2014s.


Standard operating procedure is to start dribbling out small numbers of vehicles in batches. The initial ones are test vehicles (they're all done with that!), then they're at various levels of evaluation vehicles, culminating in evaluation vehicles that can be *sold*..... and then Job#1. Most of those vehicles would have been built in Hermosillo, but they must have built some at Flat Rock by now just to check on how everything is working.... including worker familiarity with the processes.

I suppose they may have already started vehicles for sale. Maybe the only way to be sure would be to stop outside the plant and see what vehicles they're parking or shipping. I'm in Michigan right now, but don't have the time to "spy" on them. ;)

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