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Subject:  another monkey wrench in the works Date:  9/5/2013  8:46 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  51589 of 116373

AS if there weren't enough to cope with this year, the Prius battery is gone, baby, gone. If we were going to be at home for the next couple of months, we'd be here to break in a new battery ($2830), maybe then sell it. I asked DH if he'd like to keep his car and do that. No way! We're bringing in the title this morning and getting a check for $2000. Like a trade-in without actually driving off in a new car.

So we'll be a one-car family. Plus the RV. Compared to most couples we know, this won't be bad. For one thing, I was in a one-car household for years, including when my children were little, so I have experience working around it and won't experience that OMG feeling if I'm home alone and carless.

I put out a feeler to him about selling the Prius before we went on our last RV trip, and again this summer between trips, but DH wasn't ready to go there (perhaps simply didn't want to deal with a private sale--I'm not sure he's ever done it, but I have, and I think advertising at the college aimed at students and staff would've gotten a buyer soonish, before the battery issue anyway). So yesterday when I offered to move our trip out and either get the new battery then sell the vehicle or sell as is or break in a enw battery before going out of town and keeping the car, he said No way, he's ready to lose his personal car (now I'm the one blanching at this, IS his car, not mine).

Mordantly funny bit: DH took the car for a complete carwash 2 days ago, then waited on line for 2 hours to get the reregistration done as it expires while we're out of town this fall ;-)

In sum...since neither of us is working or going to, neither of us is doing volunteer work or other scheduled commitments lately (partly due to travel schedules), our only separate driving tends to be a few social engagements (with our favorite friends mostly moved away, much less of that than there used to be-), personal errands and appointments, but even those we're doing together more and more. It will be nice to save a wee bit on car registration, insurance, maintenance. As Forest Gump sez, One Less Thing.

=alstro, hoping we won't be looking for another car this winter =8~0

PS--I think we shortened the life of the battery by not arranging for the Prius to be driven during every one of our long absences, particularly this last one. After 2 months in the hot garage, it was particularly slow to bring back to life. I suspect a hybrid is not the right car for people out of town for months at a time.
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