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Subject:  Re: IT's all a scam! Gov't comes clean Date:  9/5/2013  5:08 PM
Author:  AjaxofTelamon Number:  44795 of 82543

The facts are that the Earth receives far more shortwave in than longwave, so the fact that we're blocking more of the incoming IR is relatively unimportant.

You are ignoring what happens to the solar shortwave once it enters the atmosphere. Solar shortwave is absorbed by the atmosphere and it is re emitted as longwave - hint: there is a lot of water vapor in the atmosphere. So, again, Alarmists are obsessed with CO2 blocking longwave radiation from leaving the planet and ignore the fact that the same CO2 is now blocking longwave solar radiation from coming in! In other words this knife cuts both ways.

The radiation going out is less than the radiation coming in

No kidding, is that why the oceans are boiling? And by the way, where is the warming for the last 20 years and why are we cooling for the last 12?

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