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Subject:  Re: another monkey wrench in the works Date:  9/5/2013  7:30 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  51606 of 117654

SP:"I'm reminded of the many times Tele warned about Prius battery replacement, and how regularly he was told that this concern was exagerated.

As is often the case, Tele was spot on. "

Batteries like to be 'lightly used'......and Toyota does a good job of getting a long life out of the NiMH battery...

But if you let it sit for months at a time, it goes bad.....just the your gas car (more so with ethanol crap mixed in these days).....let it sit for months and the fuel turns into globules that block fuel lines, fuel filters and fuel pumps as well as your fuel system in the engine.

Cars of any time don't like to sit for months.

If you got a car that's going to sit and sit...., get someone to at least start it once every 2 weeks..and preferably drive it 15 miles or so....and put it back away for another 2 weeks.

Tele's 2007 Prius doing OK but the 12v battery (sealed expensive job) did die almost on schedule at 5-6 years. Main battery seems healthy.... but it never has sat for more than 3 weeks, and seldom more than 2 without being driven.

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