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Subject:  Re: IT's all a scam! Gov't comes clean Date:  9/7/2013  3:38 AM
Author:  AstroPhool Number:  44844 of 71100

The "harmful solar rays" being referred to are high-energy electrons from the solar wind. These electrons *never* reach the Earth's surface, whether the solar wind is active or not.

No. UV radiation from the sun is not electrons. UV radiation is very energetic shortwave radiation.

I was actually referring to telegraph's original post. His comments come from an InvestorVillage post that links to article #163 on PSI:
which is about this NASA release:
This article describes the heating of the upper atmosphere by a large flare (a coronal mass ejection). These flares heat the atmosphere mainly from the absorption of charged particles (mainly electrons) from the solar wind. This is the same process that causes the aurora, which is why I mentioned it in my post. The CO2 (and NO) emission referred to here is from these gases in the upper atmosphere being heated by energetic electrons from the solar wind (as enhanced by the solar flare). If you had infrared-sensitive eyes (and you were above the lower atmosphere), this emission will look very similar to that of the aurora. This upper atmosphere heating is not caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, although the amount of UV radiation reaching the Earth does increase with solar activity.

On the other hand, Ajax is referring to a different PSI post:
about CO2 absorbing more incoming solar radiation than outgoing emission f