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Subject:  The FA waahmbulance Date:  9/7/2013  11:21 AM
Author:  jwiest Number:  1897539 of 2211223

Notice the stream of "waah my post was FA'd" from RECF lately? It's one day after the next. Maybe they should try something different, because, well...we all know the definition of insanity.

Anyway, this thread is hilariously revealing:

2828: "Can someone with recs left please rec tele's post? Don't let the free speech terrorists win. Think about why his post should be FA'd, and why they would do it, there's no reason. If you love freedom you should be appalled."


bighairymike: "Done. But it's now after midnight wherever the TMF servers live, so your murse is full of recs again..."

First, it's all about the rec count. Keep track of the time, recs are like ammo. Gotta get the crazy mixed in with the quality, that way people will think their opinion has validity. I mean, if enough people rec something, it has to be true, right? Get your drones to drive up the count and maybe some free thinkers will be swayed and join the borg. It's a sad and pathetic ruse.

Second, and worse IMHO, they think the Fool is their personal soapbox and if you don't let them do whatever they want, it's suppression. I'm one of the moderators on a different website, and we run into this all the time. It's the calling card of the immature and self-centered that they think they can go to someone else's private property and use it however they like. It never occurs to them that if they really want free speech, all they have to do is start a blog or a website of their own...not that anyone would see it. Talk about leeching off the work of others, these guys think they signed up for Internet Welfare or something.

307wolverine: "At your suggestion, I unboxed tele and recced it. I know that you're upset at liberal hijinx, but you should prepare yourself for more such behavior. It is becoming increasingly clear to all but the dimmest bulbs that Obama's reign is unraveling."

So even RECF'ers are pboxing tele now, lol. Maybe it's the GOP that's unraveling.

307wolverine continues, while looking at himself in the mirror: "When proven wrong, liberals always double/triple down on stupid. Their worldview is never wrong. It's in their DNA. It's what they do and who they are. Open, honest discussion is not possible with liberals."

Oh the irony. And it's not as if "liberal" posts are never FA'd, I've had a few posts FA'd myself. But I don't call the waahmbulance and beg for recs.
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