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Subject:  Re: Australian election Date:  9/7/2013  3:28 PM
Author:  bjchip Number:  44859 of 82614

I don't think it was the Tax itself Jack.

It was the broken promise after rolling Rudd in the first place.

For her to deal with the Greens her only valid choice was to agree to put it to a referendum and if the Greens didn't take that she'd have to have held a new election.

If the Greens agreed the referendum would have been decent but not perfect protection against the "broken promise" issue.

With a snap election she'd probably have been out then, likely as rolling Rudd was not a popular thing with the people of Australia, or the Greens would have lost a seat or two and she'd be in without them and the need to break the promise.

Basically the Labour party succumbed to the basic tendency on the part of the most political parties, to depose leaders like this

It will be in disarray until it isn't. Rudd may still be viable, but his party is disorganized.

Abbott will damage Australia until he is stopped.

The CO2 tax will be gone until it the public is educated by Nature or by actually learning to think.

The Green Party of Australia gets an opportunity to learn an important lesson about "the art of the possible".

Greens will lose what little influence they had, where if they had moderated their demands they might still be in government. Idealism vs pragmatism is a big issue for Greens.

...but this wasn't primarily about the CO2 tax. It was at least as much about it being done as a broken promise, as about the tax itself. The failure puts realistic action on CO2 by Australia further away because Australians will remember this and avoid it. Just like you want them to do.

I predicted this... I disliked the manner of it (the imposition of the tax through a broken promise) when it went in and expected it spelled the end for Labour. I knew for a certainty after the Queensland debacle.

I am surrounded by stupid.

..and this election doesn't make you or Ajax or JoNova right, just makes the result of YOUR decisions more likely than any of mine. Robbing all our children of their rights to a planet that is not altered beyond recognition and doing so mostly for the short term benefit of the wealthiest among us.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

We're in default.
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