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Subject:  Re: The FA waahmbulance Date:  9/7/2013  3:29 PM
Author:  jwiest Number:  1897556 of 2015705

Jedi shouts:

ACA SUCKS - it's better than what we had. Didn't go far enough, but that's your fault.

SYRIA SUCKS - Yep, life is complicated.

RUSSIA SUCKS - Yep, life is complicated. Should we invade Russia next?

JOBS SUCK - Yes, but it's better than it used to be. Sorry, you don't get to trash the house and then complain about how long it takes the cleanup crew to fix it.

WAGES SUCK - Yes, see "jobs suck" above. Also see "life is complicated above". This is a function of high competition for wages (which is intentional...haven't you noticed when job growth is strong, corporate media starts warning about wage increases? You haven't noticed this, seriously?), off-shoring of jobs which is what you like, a financial sector which has hit 20% of GDP, and tax cuts for job outsourcers and "job creators", etc. You bought this one too.