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Subject:  Illinois Temporary Tax Hike Date:  9/7/2013  4:42 PM
Author:  2828 Number:  696084 of 876033

Hilarious, even more hilarious if i didn't live here. Remember when Quinn took office he raised taxes on people and businesses, a lot, and said it was temporary, of course now it's permanent, but that isn't even the funny part, they aren't done:

Illinois politicians have their faults, but one of their most salient traits is that they are creatures of habit. They often wear their political playbook on their sleeve.

Watch their maneuvers long enough, and you'll learn to anticipate their next move.

Their latest endeavor is to raise taxes on Illinoisans by swapping out the state's constitutionally protected flat income tax rate for a progressive income tax — increasing tax rates on 85 percent of Illinois taxpayers.

Here's their plan to hoodwink Illinois taxpayers again:

<game plan>
Yes, it's interesting because i believe i read somewhere that a "progressive" income tax is unconstitutional in Illinois, what's interesting is if they make it constitutional, i'm sure liberals can make it happen, just like Obama changes stuff he doesn't agree with, it'll be fun when the pensions start collapsing and the unions (who want tax increases) start talking about how pensions are guaranteed not to be tampered with in the Illinois constitution.
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