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Subject:  It's "Global" Date:  9/7/2013  8:08 PM
Author:  AndrewXnn Number:  44871 of 82559

The folks from Yale's Forum on Climate Change have produced yet another great short video on climate change. With numerous graphics and interviews it goes over what is already clear to many of us: That the globe includes the Ocean Depths as well as the surface.

Unfortunately, some poorly informed people continue to place an undue emphasis on just surface temperatures. They fail to realize that most of the heat with Global Warming is going into the Oceans. Besides covering nearly 70% of the surface, the Oceans are also very deep, averaging over 12,000 feet deep.

Being so deep, the ocean's currents are very important with how heat is absorbed (or not absorbed). Currents can be driven by the wind or by density differences in water and those density differences are affected by the temperature of water. So, as the oceans warm, there is a some uncertainty as to exactly how the ocean currents will respond.

Will we see continued mixing of cold water from the deepest parts of the ocean to the surface? Or, could we witness a stagnation of the oceans where the warm water pools near the surface and the greatest depths become isolated from the surface?
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