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Subject:  Re: The FA waahmbulance Date:  9/7/2013  9:32 PM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  1897577 of 2016099


Where did I say that Yemen and Pakistan are paragons of superiority? Of course, they didn't have witch trials, slavery, and all sorts of stuff that it takes to be considered superior in your racist eyes.

I merely cite Yemen and Pakistan as places where Obama killed civilians and as places that will send Reverend Wright's back to the morally Superior nation for roosting, that's all. So please, I know it's hard, DON'T LIE.

Also, since you insist on lying about my personal life, that's cool. Just be sure to add 8 figures, long lunches, no whining about my employer or general loser-dom, oh and add $2mm in income taxes paid, along with many brought into the middle class and better. You are the one who LIES in your posts and since you request, I'll keep highlighting it,