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Subject:  Re: Our UN Ambassador On Syria Weapons Inspector Date:  9/8/2013  9:56 AM
Author:  Jim2B Number:  123589 of 166015

The people in the White House once again prove their inability to respond correctly to an international crisis. The mind just reels at the top level actions/inactions by these idiots and this is yet one more example.

Fundamentally, this behavior stems from democrats believing their own BS.

Democrats think that all "right thinking people" think like they do, have the same central tenets, and want the same things. They believe that only American conservatives are "the enemy" and that people in other countries understand that "American liberals are their friends" and will do anything in their power to help out American liberals.

In their minds, Iranians only hate American conservatives so it really makes sense for the Iranians to help Obama. Obama is in a tight domestic political bind over Syria, so they enlist the aid of the Iranians to help out. Since the ends (helping Obama) justifies the means (giving Iranians classified intelligence information that reveals methods and sources), team Obama really doesn't have a problem with this.

What they don't understand is that the closest thing to a friend an American liberals has, is an American conservative.

Watch the administration act completely surprised when the Iranians turn this around to try to harm them.

Even though I understand why team Obama did this, the level of naivete and ignorance is breath taking to behold. By the end of this administration, there won't be a world leader left that would trust team Obama to wipe their nose correctly. Ironically, the MSM will pass this off as distrust of Americans left-over from Bush that Obama (despite heroic efforts) was simply unable to overcome.
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