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Subject:  Re: note on non-employment Date:  9/8/2013  10:12 AM
Author:  JLC Number:  433407 of 537042

I remember it well. My dad, who made a run-of-the-mill engineer's salary, was able to support 3 kids, a suburban house, a stay-at-home wife, a new car (we only had one), and still have money for a color TV and an occasional driving vacation.

We lived on dad's enlisted military salary only until the early 70s. We always had food on the table, base housing, one car, enough clothes although I wore my brother's hand-me-downs until I became bigger than him (which was a little worrisome since he was 9 years older than me). Solid middle class. Only vacations were driving back to grandma's for the summer.

I went to school and so did mom. When she finished her nursing degree and started working, we made a big jump from middle class to upper-middle/lower-upper. Two cars then three when my brother started college. Able to take long weekend trips to go skiing or sight seeing. It definitely changed education and career expectations, i.e., go to college and white collar job.

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