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Subject:  Re: Buy bonds, he said. Date:  9/17/2013  7:59 PM
Author:  MisterFungi Number:  35066 of 35576

Bob (and Hawkwin, and others),

Since I am retiring in June 2014, I had two meetings recently with TIAA-CREF to help get ready. In addition to my TIAA-CREF, I have some Schwab accounts that in aggregate are roughly equal in size to my TIAA-CREF, plus a fairly large (for me, at least) credit union account (in excess of $100K).

The T-C advisor was proposing a way for me to move funds out of those other places and into T-C for management. I also intend to begin annual withdrawals from TIAA and more them into CREF funds, since I have way more in the TIAA side than I want to keep there. (I know: I shoulda changed the allocation a long time ago; but I didn't. And it actually turned out quite well.)

So, their proposition is that I move $750K into their management, for which they would charge me 0.55% per annum. The recommended mix is:

86% munis, divided among five muni funds: Wells Fargo SMAVX, Bernstein SNDPX, Thornburg THMIX, T. Rowe Price PRSMX, and Oppenheimer OPITX.

5% DFA US large-cap value (DFSIX)
3% e