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Subject:  FI Part 1: Frugal Wife Date:  9/18/2013  12:56 AM
Author:  whyohwhyoh Number:  4984 of 5232

Part 1: Marry a frugal woman (or just stay single)

I'm/we're now reaching the 1e6 NW mark and starting to reflect on how I've acheived this milestone at the age of 39. There are many parts to this adventure and they are in no particular order; however, as I am approaching 20 years with my wife, this one resonates well, and is a critical component. There are many paths towards FI, and this is just the details on mine.

When we met in late 1993 we both lived in $200/month apartments, next door, with empty bank accounts and ~$30k in "good" debt. I was actually splitting the rent with a roommate. I lucked out on this to some extent, but looking back the spending habits of your significant other will have a huge impact on your life together. Even today, despite my "obscene" income, she still purchases most of our children's clothes at 2nd hand shops. It is absolutely impossible to get her to splurge... on restaurants, vacations, etc. Part of it is that she does not have much concept of finances, and still feels we are nearly as poor as when we met. I am somewhat frugal as well, so we must be a great match. We still travel the world together from Thailand, to Acapulco, France, Quebec, Jamaica, Germany, England, Norway, Russia, etc but we have done it at low costs... usually backpacking and hostels.

I love my stay at home wife dearly, and I believe our common trait has both helped keep us very close, and also led us closer to our goal of financial independence.

Some random frugalness indicators:
1. Only one TV in a 6/4 house with 2 children.
2. We both drive 2007 manual transmission cars.
3. My laptop I'm typing on is also from 2007.
4. No smart phones yet.
5. Spending 1 month in Thailand together on $30/day.

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