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Subject:  Re: Hi gang... wow!!! Date:  9/23/2013  2:11 AM
Author:  ItsGoingUp Number:  73188 of 88055

CCinOC wrote:
... lower than snakes to people they don't agree with...

There are many people I don't agree with. Most are intelligent and mature and manage to have civil conversations with others. Some, however, are stupid, ignorant, arrogant, rude, can't understand math or science, and even (can you imagine?) lack self-awareness regarding said character flaws.

Dave is a smart guy and well informed. However he seems to have a bit of misplaced pride and willful blindness when it comes to his professional opinions. He came here to explain something to people, and can't seem to accept that he's not only failing to explain it effectively, but that there are others here who are better informed than he is (not me!) and disagree with him. I have confidence though that he'll eventually figure it out.

There are others though for whom I hold out no hope. It's that lack of self-awareness thing. You see, some people wander from board to board stirring up a ruckus wherever they go: ignorant, stupid, dismissive, unable to learn, utterly impervious to facts, unable to do simple math, screeching whenever confronted. Sometimes they huddle together in groups, stroking each others inadequacies, crying over imagined slights, and crowing over imagined victories.

I'm sure you've run into people like that too. Don't they drive you nuts? Especially the way they can't see themselves for what they are? Sad, really.

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