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Subject:  Re: 401K portfolio distribution Date:  9/25/2013  12:15 PM
Author:  op456op Number:  25144 of 25618

I have asset classes:
Stock Investments
Blended fund investments
Bond investments
Short term investments

Do any of these correspond to the choices in step 2, or do I need to look elsewhere
for help deciding on how to best divide my contribution?


  Fidelity                          Motley Fool
Stock Investments               Stock Mutual Funds
Blended fund investments        ? basically bullets 2 & 3
(likely Target Date Funds       on TMF list
mix of bonds & equities) 
Bond investments                Bond mutual funds
Short term investments          Money market funds or stable value accounts

This assumes you only have mutual fund type investments available to you from Fidelity. 

Index funds (both stocks & bonds) are probably the best choice from a fee cost perspective 
if they're available to you. Can you elaborate on what the choices are in