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Subject:  Re: 401K portfolio distribution Date:  9/26/2013  1:59 PM
Author:  DarkS7ar Number:  25151 of 26116

You're correct.
The only index fund we have is a treasury bond one (FIBAX if you're interested) which has a .10% exp ratio and a .05% management fee.
I may have some of my future contributions go into this, since it seems to be the only index fund on the list.
In the same asset category as the index fund (bond investments) we have PTTRX and a "Managed Income Portfolio II - Class 4".
I have no idea what either of those are, but the latter seems to be an index fund of index funds maybe?

I've reviewed most of the stock investments, avoiding the higher fee ones, and I really liked the FOCKX. It doesn't have the low turnover that Fool likes, but I like that it invests in companies I use on a daily basis and know have quality products, which was another piece of Foolish advice, so I figure the two offset each other.
All of our target funds have fees in the same range (.50-.60) and sicne I'm so far out from retiring, I think they're not really for me at this time. If you feel differently please tell me, you obviously know much more about this than I do.

I'm not really looking for simplicity, I enjoy doing research and learning. I just need to know what I need to research
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