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Subject:  Re: 401K portfolio distribution Date:  9/26/2013  2:13 PM
Author:  DarkS7ar Number:  25153 of 26140

"Understand that the Freedom Funds also focus on stocks in their early years. It's just that the fund managers transition from equities to bonds the closer you get to the target date. This is actually desirable, and something you'll want to do to once you get to within 5-10 years of retirement."

I see, so they basically do all the work for me that I'm trying to do on my own right now.
I think I'd rather be more hands on than that.

"By their nature, mutual funds invest in multiple companies so by owning shares of a mutual fund, you own a portion of their ownership of the companies in which the mutual fund is invested. You do not directly own shares of the companies invested in by the fund, but own shares of the fund and the fund owns the companies."

I understand that part, but my question was if the suggestions the article was trying to make meant that my money should be spread out, is it considered spread out if I invest in the stock mutual fund that in turn spreads it's money throughout these companies, or is that still considered all my eggs in one basket?

Forgive me for my continuous referencing, but the article also says that stock index funds are where I should look to put my money for a foundation. Since the only index fund option in my choices I can find is a treasury bond index fund, is it fairly safe to say I don't have a stock index fund to invest in or could it be called something else?

I appreciate the answers guys, thanks for helping and I don't hold anyone liable for my investing decisions by myself!
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