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Subject:  Re: Bad Investment Advice from Dave Ramsey Date:  9/30/2013  1:06 AM
Author:  DolonAltekar Number:  73375 of 88430

I think that fraud is a bit strong here. Dave Ramsey gives people good, if basic advice about achieving financial freedom - get out of debt, spend less than you make, save for emergencies, invest.

In none of these things does he give sophisticated advice. But millions of people are better off for listening to him, I believe.

We are not his target audience. We are way out to the left on the bell curve when it comes to personal finance. I work at Google, and there are lots of people I personally know there that have no idea what to do with their stock or option grants, and investing for them is buying CDs. They are either afraid of the stock market or indifferent to it.

For most of the Dave Ramsey audience, the fact that they try to get out of debt, and save a little for emergencies, and maybe invest a little for their future is huge.

I agree that his advice could be much better. The 12% number he throws around is too high and load funds are a scourge, but to a person who never would consider investing at all, paying someone to handhold them and put SOMETHING away is better than nothing, or negative, which is where they'd probably be without help.

Would I rather that he engage fee only planners who would help people put their meagre savings into a set of Vanguard index funds? Yes, I would, but the alternative, I believe would be that these same people wouldn't invest at all, which would be worse.

Those that are smart enough and interested enough to see the advice for what it is will do it themselves. Others will arguably be better off talking to their "guy" and at least saving and investing something.

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