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Subject:  Re: Radio Talk Show Trends Date:  10/2/2013  2:38 PM
Author:  Art53 Number:  52405 of 117704

"Well, if you are you're the only one out there who is." - AM

I am completely unable to do two things at once. I can't listen to two conversations going on at the same time. If my wife comes in the living room while I'm watching TV and she starts talking to me I can't hear a word she says; I have to mute the TV or turn it off completely and focus on what she is telling me in order to process what is being said to me.

One of the things I hated worst while working at the UT Vet School was I had to wear a beeper and I'd be right in the middle of doing something and my beeper would go off - and I had to answer it. One time Dr. Legendre, one of the researchers, asked me to go to the Airport and pick up a black Labrador Retriever being shipped in from Nashville (it was Lamar Alexander's dog) that was being treated at the Vet School and I was right in the middle of unloading a truck load of bedding. That day several people had called in sick and I was the only one there and I was rushing like hell to get that truck unloaded.

So Dr. Legendre called my boss, Dr. Schroeder, and told him I refused to go to the Airport and then Dr. Schroeder called me up and told me I wasn't allowed to say no to a researcher. So I had to drop what I was doing and pick up Lamar's dog and then come back and finish unloading that truck load of bedding. I was stewing pretty good by then.

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