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Subject:  Re: Roth IRA acct and safekeeping fees Date:  10/5/2013  2:10 AM
Author:  dsr10 Number:  73440 of 78168

Thanks a ton Joel.

I have a better understanding of how dividend are handled now.

In general. Most, if not all, of what I've posted is me just thinking aloud. It's been a great help getting feedback from everyone, I've learned a lot. It's also helped me focus, that's turned out to be something I needed to do.

My situation is unique (read: odd, bizarre, unusual). My initial goals aren't what many may think they should be, mainly I'm attempting to learn by doing,it's the best way I learn. Minimum initial funding and low risk is very important at this point in time. I don't mind, too much, making mistakes along the way, provided I learn something from those mistakes. At $1000 I can handle any mistakes I make along the way.

I can handle putting more money into this, but I am not yet comfortable doing that. The other money I have is money I use as capital to do other things that give me decent profits (long story, feel free to ask about it; but it may explain why I'm not willing go the route of a money market), so for now I'm planning on keeping it small, even if that means I suffer a bit short term. That $1000 I consider an investment in my financial education.

I want to start small, slow and conservative. In a year I hope to have learned enough to begin doing more. Right now,I d