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Subject:  Re: Roth IRA acct and safekeeping fees Date:  10/5/2013  3:53 PM
Author:  dsr10 Number:  73448 of 78168

You've both made great points, gimme a bit to absorb that info.

By conservative (I've probably mangled the usage of that term) I mean going into two ETFs, but absolutely no stocks. I'm not in the position to buy stocks yet, that much I have figured out.

Having said that, what are your thoughts on investing in two ETFs? For example PKW and VB, 50/50-ish (roughly equaling about $1000 or maybe a little bit more). VB from TD Ameritrade would be commision free, PKW would cost me about $10 to buy. Keep in mind I'm still just throwing out my thoughts, not ignoring advice. An index fund has always been an option I've considered, and yeah, probably what I should do.

It just seems that I would learn from doing that. I would learn the fees, expense ratios, how dividends work, watching what the funds invest in, and all the rest. I dunno, long term they seem to be something I could possibly keep as I expand a portfolio. One year of holding those, would I really stand to lose much in expenses? As long as I didn't lose my butt on t