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Subject:  Re: More Shutdown Fallout Date:  10/14/2013  4:12 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  18659 of 20632

Meanwhile about 30 super idiots say it's no big deal if the country doesn't pay it's bills. Oh for the days when bankruptcy was a stigma you never got over. But now we've gone from saying it's fine for an individual to just walk away from their debts to saying it's fine for the whole country to do it."


The country takes in 2.5 trillion a year in taxes.....that's over 180 billion a month in taxes

Interest on the national debt, at the Bernanke bargain basement levels of 0.1% or so small that regular tax collections will more than pay for:

1) every dime owed on the debt

2) Every dime needed to pay SS and Medicare and Veterans benefits.

3) even pay Congress for the job they are not doing.

There is no 'crisis' other than WAshington is addicted to bloat and spending.

Only 15% of the gov't is actually shut down....and of the 85% working, about 5% are working to provide maximum pain - ie, erecting Barrycades on open access malls, removing the handles off drinking fountains at national parks, getting in the way of pictures at Yellowstone National park by assembling every hour and 10 minutes when Old Faithful goes off, keeping people off state highways, shutting down STATE parks, etc.

we could fire all of them PERMANENTLY with no ill effects. 5% saved instantly. And SHOULD

We got more money coming in each month fund pay the debt.

It's all a S C A M .....

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