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Subject:  Re: Steyn: Barack's Deer Date:  10/14/2013  4:16 PM
Author:  CM001 Number:  701213 of 876084

It was a crisis in leadership--that is, lack of Baracky's leadership--that caused the shutdown.

I think you have not earned the right to insult the President of this country by calling him names. You need to start showing respect to folks even when you seriously disagree with them. It just shows very poorly on you.

President is not the majority leader. He is not controlling GOP caucus. The GOP cacus took his signature legislative achievement and wanted to dismantle it and declared they will shutdown the government. He showed leadership in making GOP realize they don't have the votes for that. The leadership also involves taking touch decision and he took a touch decision not to engage with hostage takers.

What is really happening is there is a "civil war" going on within GOP. The establishment wing and tea-party wing are fighting with each other and in the process taking the country down. Unfortunately President cannot get involved in GOP internal politics.

So go get your house in order first and it is about time GOP starts taking some responsibility for themselves instead of preaching it, practice it.
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