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Subject:  Re: More Shutdown Fallout Date:  10/20/2013  2:40 AM
Author:  Howie52 Number:  18686 of 20640

"I suspect the cold war provided the stimulus for a lot of the growth you attribute to WW II.

Count No'Count "


If the Cold War had provided stimulus for growth, there would have been
a reduction in poverty during the height of the "non-conflict"
rather than during the end of the period.
I really think the Cold War retarded growth - as it retarded
free movement of goods and services. Artificially encouraged
militarization in regions where funding for clean water, sewage treatment and development of infrastructure and such would have
actually encouraged independence in those regions.

"Would you kindly refer us to your scholarly paper (peer reviewed) supporting these claims? Because they sound like pure BS."

I am not stating anything more than my opinion.
It quite well be complete rubbish.
But this some of my view of the world - based on what I have read
what I have seen, and why own view of how people behave.

You do not have to agree.
You can believe whatever you like.
If you care to point out differences - feel free.
I do not claim to know - and if someone presents facts or suggests
other approaches I am happy to read , think and evaluate based on
my background and knowledge - and am happy to read other sources to
consider different ideas.

I find that there are quite enough posters who claim to know what
is correct and how others must think, behave, believe and live.
I don't.
And I don't ever intend to become one.
But I am happy to tell folks what I think and what I believe.
Folks have their right to choose.
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