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Subject:  Re: More Shutdown Fallout Date:  10/20/2013  10:12 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  18688 of 20017

"And to minimize life in hell - the money tap was opened.
Now if money is put to uses that generate more wealth, a positive
cycle is started again ---- in theory. However, if money is directed
poorly - well things do not improve so much."

Yepper, the dems opened the taps to the tune of a TRILLION in stimulus porkulus, and most of it was spend poorly. Wasted boondoggles in 'greenie energy' that just enriched the donors and bundlers for Obama's campaign cash raising machine, which itself is the most wasteful way to blow money.

Obama and his progressive drones believe in the Krugman theory of broken windows. That is, if you pay someone to go out and break a thousand windows, it 'stimulates' the economy because now all those people need to replace the windows. Of course, in reality, all those folks had to