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Subject:  Re: %30 credit Date:  10/23/2013  10:45 PM
Author:  aj485 Number:  307392 of 312155

Is it true that if you leave less than %30 of your credit limit on your credit cards that your fico score will go down compared to above %30?

As always, with credit scores, the answer is "It depends". In general, the less of your credit limits you utilize, the higher your score will be. There are often 'break-points' where your score can increase/decrease by several points depending on where you fall. However, where the break-points for you can be different than where they are for someone else, depending on your individual credit histories. The break-points can also be different depending on whether you are looking at your overall utilization percentage or the utilization of each individual credit line.

The rule of thumb to get the highest credit score is to keep credit utilization, both overall, and for each individual credit line, below 10%.

If you are interested in seeing how your particular score will react to lower/higher balances being reported, you can use the credit simulator at You will need to register so that the site can access your credit report information. Then look for the "credit score simulator" page. Under the "payments" category, there is a scale where you can increase/decrease your balances, and see score estimates based on different balances being reported for your current credit limits.

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