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Subject:  Re: Buying Retirement PLace in Fl Date:  10/26/2013  1:59 PM
Author:  TMFJeanie Number:  126493 of 128075

mstrelucky74, as others have said, 20 years is a long time out. You and your wife have no idea how much your goals and preferences will change in that time. We've been retired for about ten years now and spend part of the winter in central Mexico. Typically we rent for 4-to-6 weeks which is just enough time to get away from New England winters and return in time for daffodils :-)

Over the last decade we've often seen some attractive homes for sale in our vacation town and DH gets the "let's buy it" bug. Then I run the numbers for him.

The places for sale in that highly desirable town run $250-$350K on average. Occasionally we've found a bargain offered at <$200K. By contrast we spend less than $3,000 total rent on our "villa" for up to 6 weeks. Toss in airfare for another $1500 and counter balance that with food costs that are approx half of what we spend at home, and we're looking at under $5K annually to live in a gorgeous climate with absolutely no responsibility for repairs and upkeep.

As I point out to DH, at $5K/year, we'd have to live another 40 years to equal the $200K cost of buying. And then there was the year we decided to skip our winter retreat and instead go to Eur