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Subject:  Re: I'll never be fashionable... Date:  10/29/2013  12:51 PM
Author:  slowlythere Number:  877639 of 902370

Waist-high jeans look good on those with a waist. I think the term "mom jeans" was coined to try to make them uncool---retailers need the teens who flock to them to buy the latest "new" fashion every year (even if it is an "old" recycled trend) rather than keep what is still serviceable.

I have a waist, I just haven't seen it in about one or two decades. I still think of jeans from the era of Jordache Jeans era, but want and prefer Wrangler style, thick denim jeans. Jordache (and Sergio Valente) commercials made jeans so desirable to me, then.

For old time's sake:

Jordache Jeans (30 second commercial)

Sergio Valente Jeans (deluxe one minute commercial)

The thing that seems weird to me is that most people do not look good in low-rise jeans. Even people with long legs look dumpy and chopped-off, and those with shorter legs look worse, plus there is the muffin-top issue. This proves the point that if it were "in" to balance an old sock on one's head, some would do it.

It has been so hard for me to find pants in the last decade or so, I have low-rise in my wardrobe despite the huge muffin top I expose when I have a not-long-enough top and bend. To compensate for the difficulty in pants, I have been searching for extra long tops and shirts, often baggy to accomodate my widening build.

Within the last two years, I have been mistaken to be an odd-looking man by a number of people and have had small children ask their mothers, loudly, whether or not that person (me) is a man or a woman.

My old fashioned, awkward mom jeans may designate me old and out of shape, but it shows off my extra-wide, childbearing (if not actually childborne) hips to make it clear to observant strangers above the age of 18 (but not under 10) to realize I'm female.

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