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Subject:  Re: I'll never be fashionable... Date:  10/29/2013  5:06 PM
Author:  Retrograde Number:  877644 of 890173

It has been so hard for me to find pants in the last decade or so, I have low-rise in my wardrobe despite the huge muffin top I expose when I have a not-long-enough top and bend. To compensate for the difficulty in pants, I have been searching for extra long tops and shirts, often baggy to accomodate my widening build.

For many years I have worn chinos pants that have pleats and back elastic. Yes, and a high waist. Turns out this was the only style that looked halfway decent on me and helped disguise my big belly when I didn't want to wear untucked shirts. Finding pants with pleats -- not that easy! Diguising lumps and bumps = priceless.

Within the last two years, I have been mistaken to be an odd-looking man by a number of people and have had small children ask their mothers, loudly, whether o