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Subject:  Re: I'll never be fashionable... Date:  10/30/2013  2:47 PM
Author:  slowlythere Number:  877667 of 902727

Try a U or V neck with an infinity scarf (circle scarf). They are in style and help hide the cleavage.

Or a camisole underneath; there are some with lace at the neckline for just such a purpose.



Love that we're talking about tops now.

No doubt my personal fashion sense is downright anti-trendy, but I don't have the budget for new clothes (that fits me properly even) and that I like.

Though I'm not yet 50 (but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel), I like a lot of stuff that go from much younger (think midlife crisis style of dressing, LOL) to something that makes me look like a doting grandmother. As far as tops go, I tend to do a lot of physical activity in the course of the day, bending, stooping, climbing, etc. When I wear low cut tops, my undergarments (or more) start popping out.

I like high collars that often cover my collar bone, or just barely reveal it. For me, this usually means a crew collar. Because of physical activity, if I'm not wearing a short sleeve, I go sleeveless (flabby upper arms at least is pretty feminine, I rarely see men with flabby arms) but have a hard time finding wide shoulders. Inexpensive women's sleeveless tops too often have frail, dainty, narrow shoulder straps that fall off my shoulders during activities.

Since I can't afford the clothing (quality, type, and particularly, sizing/fit) that I think actually complements me and maintains a nice feminine touch, I often buy clothing at men's stores. Sometimes I go through the trouble of trying to tailor it for myself, but most of the time, I'm a middle-aged, thick waisted woman, walking around in squarish, ugly men's garb while I'm doing things. Or wearing a weird mix of men's and women's clothing while I am out and about.

I am on such a pathetic clothing budget, I get much too excited when I buy a new bra and panties (ah, panties! Yes, mostly "grandma" panties). No one wants to see me wearing female low-rise jeans with grandma panties sticking above the waist.

At least I'm comfortable and functional even if strangers - and their young children - glance askance at me as I pass by.

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